Specialized linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux

Work on this project was terminated. Some of the goals are covered by a new project Free(b)soft CD-ROM and others will be solved in cooperation with Debian Accessibility project. The following information should not be considered up-to-date.

The goal of the Free(b)deb project is to provide a specialized distribution of complete Debian GNU/Linux operating system including specialized software, which enables blind and visually impaired users to work with computer.

Free(b)deb will be distributed in the form of installation CD-ROM, which includes task packages with summarization of particular applications as well as special configuration scripts for customization of some applications for visually impaired. It is for example Emacs configuration, assigning sounds to some shell actions etc.

The long-time goal is then the inclusion of Free(b)deb packages into official Debian distribution. From this point of view, Free(b)deb is only a step, which enables us to develop the packages, without the need of immediate strict compatibility with Debian rules.