Common interface to speech synthesis

TTS API Provider will provide a simple low-level interface to synthesizers through the well defined TTS API.

TTS API was developed in cooperation with a wide range of Free Software accessibility projects with the goal to create unified way to access speech synthesis. TTS API Provider is an effort to create real implementation of the designed API.

TTS API Provider will be useful for

  • high-level speech APIs (such as Speech Dispatcher or Gnome Speech)
  • simple applications that want to do speech synthesis but do not want advanced things like message synchronization and priorities (txt2wav)
  • applications that need a high control of the speech devices

You can browse the documentation in the HTML version on-line or you can download it in one of the available formats here.

Similarly, there is the documentation of TTS API. = Source code =

The source code is managed using Git. You can use the Git web interface or clone the repository from:

Discussion related to the developement and implementation of TTS API Provider takes place in the mailing list

It is designed for developers, as well as for users, who want actively contribute the development, or just want to be informed about the latest news concerning the development of TTS API Provider. This list is in English language.

You can also visit the listing of all Free(b)soft project mailing-lists.

Discussion related to the API specifications and the cooperation of various projects takes place on Freedesktop. Please see tts-api for more details.