Chemistry studying tool

Brailchem is a software tool helping blind and visually impaired students to access chemical information commonly presented visually. It consists of two parts: a server providing chemical data and a client presenting the server data to a user. The user can use the client for activities like browsing molecule structures or studying periodic table of elements.

The server part is intended to be run on a central server to which clients can connect. It serves data to them using HTTP protocol, running its own HTTP server with the help of Twisted engine.

The client part can be run on client machines either as a Firefox extension or as a standalone XUL application.

Brailchem client is available as a Firefox extension. You can download and install it directly from Firefox by clicking on this link pointing to the extension module.

Both the server and client parts source code is available from Git. You can use the Git web interface or clone the repository from:

Basic documentation is available in the source package. You can also view the client help file on-line.

Brailchem was written by:

  • Bedřich Košata ... responsible for the server part
  • Milan Zamazal ... responsible for the client part