CD-ROM with a working blind friendly GNU system.

Free(b)soft CDROM wants to make it easy to anyone to try an accessible GNU system with specialized software for blind and visually impaired.

It is designed to be used for demonstration without the need to install anything to users computer. Users will be able to try using Internet, e-mail and variety of other applications with speech output and Braille terminal.

CD-ROM is based on Knoppix which provides the tool to create a bootable CD easily. The included GNU/Linux operating system includes the following components and technologies to make the system accessible for blind and visually impaired people:

You need an ordinary PC with the following configuration:

  • Intel-compatible CPU at 600 MHz or better,
  • 128 MB RAM,
  • a bootable CD-ROM/DVD drive,
  • a standard SVGA-compatible graphics card,
  • a sound card.

Braille display is not required, however if you connect an ALVA device to ttyS0 (COM1), it should be recognized and used. Other models must be configured manually.

If you have problems to get the system working, it is possible that your hardware is not supported or properly configured.

CDROM image is available for download at