Major proposed improvements

  • DBUS interface including a new communication protocol
  • ConsoleKit integration
  • Separate compilation and distribution of modules
  • Simplified configuration so that users do not need to change it

Proposed path

1. DBUS interface

We will first make a brief analysis of what needs to be done for proper session integration with ConsoleKit and DBUS communication. The new DBUS interface will offer the same functionality as SSIP but should already be designed in a way that it can be later extended to the new high level API based on TTS API and being able to support additional requirements we have on the API on top of what SSIP already supports. Thus we will first need to develop the specification for it and then implement it.

DBUS Implementation Analysis

2. Modules auto-load

The AddModule configuration option will be removed and available modules (based on presence of a binary providing the correct interface in a given location) will be loaded automatically.

3. ConsoleKit Integration

4. Address issues in Speakup/Speechd-Up and BrlTTY


The current short term plan is to improve the integration of the speech services into user session.

Further on, we plan to split the implementation into several independent layers. The interface to speech synthesis devices should use the the new TTS API, which we hope will be standardized to allow reusing output drivers across all speech service implementations.

Output for both speech and braille would be joined under this new version of the API so that both outputs can be coordinated without the need to implement low level synchronization in client applications.

Speech Dispatcher would then concentrate on providing a high level API, advanced synchronization and prioritization of messages, history and client specific configuration. Significant work in this direction has been done already and the plans remain feasible provided there will be demand and resources.