Gnome Speech driver for Speech Dispatcher

The Gnome Speech SpeechD Driver project tries to integrate Speech Dispatcher and Gnome Speech so that Gnome Speech can output speech through Speech Dispatcher. Users are thus able to use the Gnopernicus screen reader together with Speech Dispatcher, benefiting from its capabilities and the design where all the accessibility messages from the system are comming to one centralized place.

The driver has been included in Gnome Speech, however Gnome Speech itself has been deprecated and the Orca screen reader now has backend allowing direct integration with Speech Dispatcher. This project has no future in this context and has been discontinued.

Documentation is available as a part of the project and is distributed together with the source code. You can browse the HTML version on-line.

The source code is available from the project archive: /pub/projects/gnome-speech-speechd-driver, and also online at GitHub.

Please use Speech Dispatcher mailing lists.